TLB, have kicked up a tempestuous swarm of intrigue and buzz since forming in 2013 by high school friends Tom Higgenson, Darren Vorel, Dave Tirio, and Eric Vorel. Band members Tom Higgenson and Dave Tirio are also the lead singer and guitarist (respectively) of popular American band Plain White T’s. Higgenson has described the group as “The perfect blend of ‘fuck you’ and ‘I still love you.’’’

TLB has released four singles to date; “I’ve Been Doing Fun Shit Without You”, “How am I Supposed to Hate You When I Love You”, “I Can’t Wait Till You Get Dead”, and “Totally Fucked For You” on Higgenson’s production/label Moniker, Red Jacket.




Ben Mench-Thurlow


Denis Vujasinovic